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Trend Alert - Fall 2016

FashionNancy Nguyen
Trend Alert - Fall 2016

Hello there,

Part of the reason I began this blog was to share my views on fashion, however I haven't been posting much on it (sorry). So here is a fall-trend guide for all you fashion aficionados out there like myself. 


// Pleats

If you grew up wearing uniforms to school, this trend hits a little close to home. Pleated skirts hit everywhere on the runways for Fall Fashion Week. Rock it as a midi or maxi, or in trench form like the Junya Watanabe posted below, pleats are defiantly the staple movement piece to spice up your fall repertoire since this season it's all about the flow ~~


// Statement Sleeves

In addition to the movement pieces dominating this fall, bell sleeves are making a comeback. We are seeing more and more emphasis on the sleeves, and yes, some of you may feel like you're back in the renaissance era when you try it out for the first time, but trust me (dog) your look will be elevated, making you feel  extra ethereal and fancy. 


// Burgundy

Burgundy or "Ox Blood" never really went out of fashion in the fall season, but this year we are seeing the trend transition into sport and street wear. Nike took the "ox" by the horn and released some classic Nike silhouettes like the Tech Fleece and the Air Max Theas, along with a handful of others, in this rich color. If you want to deepen your fall color palette, don't be afraid to incorporate some burgundy into your look, it's a super regal color and definitely complementary with any color. 

// Layering Your Summer Favorites

Many people are finding it hard to say "bye" to their summer strappy staples, fret not, you can incorporate your fav pieces by....LAYERING. Layering is the trend that everyone is trying-out this year so you can wear that slip dress in the colder weather. For beginners, just throw a fitted black turtleneck underneath your favorite tank/cami/slip and voilà! You just layered. For the more daring, you can start layering blouses, button-ups, or even off the shoulder sweaters underneath. And for the even more fashion forward individual, try layering underneath a strapless top. 

// Heels With Details

The favorite of this season is playing with minimal and sleek silhouettes by spicing up the heel with details. Glass heel, gold heel, asymmetrical heel, heel with get it. 


// Metallics

Commonly coupled with the pleated trend you'll see a lot of metallic, but metallics are making its way into all clothing types this season. Fall tones are generally more deep and monochromatic in color, so lots of designers this season are using eye-catching tones and textures with shine to add intrest in their collections. I snagged a pair of silver metallic wingtips from Sam Edelman two years ago, and honestly they get the most complements per usage than most other shoes I own. Unfortunately, I don't think you can find them anymore BUT don't worry you can likely find any brand to carry metallic versions of their classic shoe. 

Cover photo credits: Neon Blush