#ThoughtPost - Failures

#ThoughtPost - Failures

I'm finding the words hard to come by with this thoughtpost, but one of my dreams with this blog was to be a source of inspiration for those of you out there pursuing your dreams and trying something new. With trying new things and taking chances comes failures. It wouldn't be fair of me to paint a beautiful easy picture of what your life will be like when you begin this journey towards happiness. It wouldn't be fair if I weren't transparent with you either - Failure is inevitable. 

I recently got an interview with an amazing company. They were located in a great place, had amazing benefits, great culture, great young people, chances for growth and advancement internally. I felt good, this was it. I interviewed well, sent my thank you emails, follow-up emails, the whole 9-yards on time. Mangers sang praises of my interview - and yet I didn't get it. Completely blindsided, I got the email thanking me for my time and wishing me the best on my professional endeavors. My heart sank. Where did I go wrong?

I don't like sharing stories like this, I hold my pride on my sleeve and failures are often and always slid under the rug. But... Here I am, not waiting until I was success story to tell you that all good things come with time. No, even now I want to sulk and believe good things will never come to me no matter how smart or how passionate I am. So if you too are going through times of trial and rejections, I can empathize. Job rejections, school rejections, project flops. I feel your disappointments and I understand your desire to give up. It's times like this you need to stay the strongest. Even I, a brooding lump of body underneath my covers, need to - yup - stay positive. 

Maybe you aren't experiencing a perceived failure at this time, but if you ever do don't worry, a good friend of mine told me the founder of Whatsapp was rejected from Twitter and Facebook. A few years later, Facebook acquired his company for 16 billion dollars. What you deem a failure is only a perceived failure. You are, I am, one step closer to the place we were meant to be and you know what, whoever rejected you is missing out. For whatever reason they chose not to pursue you, they lost you, not the other way around. Take this knowledge and fuel your next hunt. I know I was completely qualified, maybe even over qualified for the position I applied for, it was evident in my willingness for a pay cut, my desires for a higher position, the praises I got...but for some reason, the cards don't align. And most of the time in life, cards won't align in a way you want it, but they do in a better way that you just can't see now. No matter how perfect you believed that job or school was, there is a more perfect picture that you're apart of and you needed that door to close for you to walk through another. Trust that whatever higher being, may it be God, karma, the universe, has your best interest in mind because you were meant to bring a unique benefit to the rest of us with your talents and passions and everything happens for a reason.

Stay hungry, keep trying, and know *in DRAM's voice* you are very special.


"I know the plans I have for you - plans to prosper you...plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11