Nancy Nguyen


Nancy Nguyen

Aleppo, one of the most populous city in Syria, stands as the battle ground for the Syrian government led by President Bashar al-Assad and the rebel forces. The rebels control the eastern half of the city and the government holds the west half. 

However, before the Hunger Games like war that was underway, Aleppo was a lovely place - known for their ancient historical landmarks and culinary culture. Now, you probably couldn't even make out the remnants of mosques that used to adorn the city. After Syria's 2011 Arab Springs protest, Aleppo became the petri dish for rebel groups and starting in 2015, Assad responded in violence. Russian military joined the Syrian government, and brought with them warplanes and bombs. 

Now, after almost a year of siege and intense fighting, Assad's forces gained control of the rebel-held eastern side of the city. And with that, an agreement was made to evacuate the remaining civilians in the city.

I refrain from stating any opinions besides regurgitating the few basic facts of the conflicts in Syria at the moment, because the topic is touchy and many people have strong alliances. No matter the narrative you subscribe to, or the propaganda you're against, it cannot be denied how much suffering the people in Aleppo has had to endure over the past year. Images of sobbing mothers, brothers holding their dead brothers in their arms, children evacuated from the rubble post-bomb, etc. The images are enough to tell a story.

I invite those of you who's heart goes out to the sufferers, to aid in the relief efforts for the evacuants. I've listed below some of the organizations I trust and have looked into. Please do your own research before donating blindly to any cause, because your hard earned money should be spent on something you believe in and not pocketed by a corrupted group.  

Anything, from the $3 you would have used to buy coffee tomorrow morning, or the $50 you would have used to buy that new contour kit, anything is something, please spread the word and lets help those who need our support this season. 

Doctors Without Borders for Syria

The Red Cross

The White Helmets