Nancy Nguyen

Autumn Florals

Nancy Nguyen
Autumn Florals

@marinapiagoldi might just be my conceptual photoshoot soul-mate.

Our joint Pintrest board for all our super weird but equally super fun photoshoots has become far too large. We've been itching to shoot a bathtub concept with flowers and bath bombs for a while now, but it took a collaborative event at The Lipbar to light that match under our butts to get a move on. Flexing our product shooting muscles, we did a couple experiments with and without the bath bomb, provided by Lush Cosmetics, and here are our results:

unnamed (3).jpg
unnamed (4).jpg


Lush for the bathbomb

Victoria's Secret for the lingerie

The Lipbar for the lipstick

@BurchBox for the tub

More info on The Lipbar event:

Marina & I are hosting a fall networking event at The Lipbar on 10.29.17 at 1pm-3pm. Realizing the need for all the wonderful people in our lives that are always hustling and grinding out here to meet one another, we joined forces with The Lipbar, Wolfmoon Mixers, Our/Detroit, and Detroit Rose to create a space and environment to be conducive to friendship & collaboration. Come wearing your best autumn outfit and bare lipped.