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Nancy Nguyen
Thrift & Threads

Are you an individual having difficulty finding the rationality behind spending a grand on basics (that come with pre-made holes)? Perfect - thrifting is the reasonable alternative to your off-the-runway necessities. Through a new series entitled 'Thrift & Threads', I'll be giving you some of my tips and tricks when conquering your nearest Salvation Army and how you can incorporate your new found basics into your threads repertoire. 


Probably the most popular thrift amongst first time thrifters next to the ugly sweater for your annual Xmas party--denim bottoms. High-waisted, looser-fit denim to be specific, and the trend isn't going anywhere soon. We saw all our favorite models rock mom jeans in their off-duty ensembles from runway-to-runway this season. Here are a few tips and tricks when shopping for your newest denim addition:

1. Don't shop according to brand. Levis, Gap, it don't matter--no one is going to tell. Shop your fit. If it looks remotely your size, take it and try it on. Length can always be modified, so just make sure it fits you the way you want it to and that you like the wash.

2. Chose thick, good quality denim. No stretchy material (unless that's the denim you're looking for). 

3. Cut the denim yourself! Can't justify spending top dollar for denim that comes with pre-made holes and step hems? Think you could cut those yourself...well you can! That chopped up hem look that's trendy now-a-days, cut those legs yourself. You could probably find a youtube tutorial if you truly need help with this process, or give your denim and scissors to your 5 year-old niece and have her go to town.




Broad shoulder blazers to be exact. The more grandpa-esque the better! We saw Off-White, Alexander Wang, and Dries Van Noten to name a few hopping on shoulder pad resurgence. Here are some tips to guide you in the right direction if you want to add Grandpa-chic into your 'fit vocabulary.

1. Check the inner lining - unless you love love love love the look of the outside, the inside should not be compromised. Make sure the inner lining isn't ripped, stained, or unrepairable unless you want to repair it yourself. It's just not worth the hassle.

2. Check the fit. Seems pretty intuitive to try it on right? Shoulder pads take getting used to since they've been out of the picture for a while now. There is a difference between looking on trend and just outdated, so make sure you are comfortable with the bulkiness of the pads and how triangular your shoulders look.

3. If you don't like the pads, you can take them out! Just a quick semi-invasive procedure to the inner lining, and you can take the shoulder pads out (if you want a slouchier look).

4. Don't fear the bulk! Oversized fits aren't as bad as you might think at first. A little extra room leaves space for layering thicker pieces underneath. 


Thanks for reading! If you venture to the closest thrift shop, tag me in your new fits if you choose to try these trends out! I'm also open to new ideas and #ThriftTips so share away :) 


Outfit details: Blazer (thrifted); sleeveless turtleneck (Anthropologie); jeans (thrifted); shoes (Zara)

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