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Nancy Nguyen
Thrift & Threads

Thanks to everyone for the warm feedback on the new series! I'm happy I could provide you all some quality tips for snagging quality finds at your local thrift store.

This week I'll be focusing on some spring essentials to keep you warm...but not too warm for the chillier days.


I've got to applaud Drake for bringing back the chunky turtle neck last year. A great piece to layer under coats, sweaters, or even lighter materials like slip dresses or button ups - turtle necks are a chic way of staying warm while also muting down your outfit if you want to sport trendier bottoms like ripped denim or in my case, red leather pants. Here are some tips to shop for your new fav spring piece.

1. Try it on - what looks fitted on the hanger might not sit the way you want it to on your frame. Especially when the material is ribbed in fabric, those sit a little bulkier on the body and can make you a little puffier than you would like. 

2. Beware of itchy fabric! Some material feels soft to the touch, but on the bod can be an itch trap from neck to hip. Beware!

3. Keep an eye out for the neck height. Some of us may not be endowed with the longest of necks, so keep that in mind when you shop for a chunkier neck, there's only so much fabric you can fold over.


If you get cold often, what's better than a long trench that can double up as a portable blanket? A great staple piece that you don't need to break the bank for since the trend is a more masculine and boxier fit which you can find in almost any thrift store - or you that can find in your mom's (or dad's) closet. 

1. If you're more petite in size (like me) keep in mind the shoulder width and overall length. There is only so much space you can take-up with layers and you don't want to trip walking up and down stairs.

2. If you are afraid of the bulk of the trench, you can always wear it as a cape! Draping the trench on your shoulders makes the fit more manageable (and more blanket like :) )

3. Shop curated thrift/vintage stores for higher-end pieces. Curated shops have a more elevated selection of styles and brands for a little higher of a price, but totally worth it. The trench featured in this post is from Juniors Thread's, a Detroit based curated vintage ecommerce shop. 

Thanks for reading, I hope this inspires you give thrifting a shot - let me know if you need more advice or if there is a post you would like me to do in the future. Good luck!



Outfit details: Trench (Juniors Threads);  turtleneck (Thrifted); red leather pants (Zara); snake skin boots (Urban Outfitters)

PC: Bruno (Instagram | Website)