Nancy Nguyen

5 Ways to Dress Longer...

Nancy Nguyen
5 Ways to Dress Longer...

...if you're petite.

Standing at only 5'1", sometimes 5'0" on a bad day... It has been a life long issue since 6th grade navigating online shops and stores for clothes that fit me when most fit normal sized women. Here are the 5 ways I've learned to cheat the system and work with the bod I got. 


1. Shop in the kids' section

Yes, you saw right. Embrace your kid size! Especially when it comes to athletic wear, I tend to gravitate towards the little girls section because the fit is better and the length is perfect with no need for alterations. Also, between you and me, the price is generally much less than the adult sized counterpart.


2. Focus on the waist

Even if your petite frame isn't curvy. Focusing on clothing that cuts off at the smallest part of your torso brings the eyes to the area, elongating your legs and shorting your top - creating the illusion of a more proportional bod. You'll look 5'5"! Of course this optical illusion only works when you don't stand next to someone who is actually 5'5" as a reference. 

3. Going nude in your clothes

What I mean is choosing nude heels! The age old trick to longer legs in dresses and skirts. When you throw a pair of nude heels on, the color similarity gives the appearance of seamlessly longer legs. Same goes for if you want to wear black tights with black heels. 


4. Stripes

Vertical stripes work to bring the eye up and down, creating the illusion of longer figure. Whereas stripes going horizontal do quite the opposite, cutting off the frame and making you look shorter. 


5. Dress monochrome

If you know me, you know I am a fan of co-ord sets. Which works perfectly for my frame. When you dress monochrome or have two matching pieces, there are no breaks in clothing line so you appear a much longer person.


There you have it, my secrets exposed. I hope my petite sisters try out some of these tricks I've been hiding up my sleeve. Ultimately you gotta love the body you're in, tall, medium, or tiny, we are beautiful all the same. Work with what your momma gave you, and be confident :)