Nancy Nguyen

5 Sangria Spots in Ann Arbor ft. Topdownfood

Nancy Nguyen
5 Sangria Spots in Ann Arbor ft. Topdownfood

Summer weekends aren't complete without summer drinks, and Ann Arbor has some of the best around. Not the biggest proponent of Garnacha, but something about fruits in an icy glass of wine does the trick for me from June to August. I threw together a list of my top 5 spots in Ann Arbor for the best glass of sangria with the help of a town foodie and good friend, Dane of @Topdownfood & @DaneHillardPhotography. Be sure to check out his work!

1. Dominick's

The hot-spot of upperclassman on campus, Dominick's is home of the Constant Buzz, and sangria in mason jars. Good enough on their own, but even better together, pro tip to newbies, mix 1 part sangria to 1 part constant buzz.


2. Lab Cafe

Sangria at a place that serves lattes and pour-overs? My low-key spot to pregame any summer dinner, Lab Cafe's sangria is a top favorite of mine. Pro tip to students in the area, don't try to drink and study, probably the least most productive study sessions I've ever had.


3. Aventura

Aventura is probably the most well known spot for sangria, and for a good reason. With 3 different types of sangria on the menu, you really can't go wrong. You have a red wine, white wine, and champagne based sangria and all super sweet. Pro tip: Happy Hour is 3pm-5pm Mondays-Fridays. $5 a glass? Can't get sweeter than that.


4. Frita Batidos

While you wait in in line to order your cuban inspired burger, the jug of sangria is your first stop before hitting the cash register - and you shouldn't pass that up. Best accompanied by plantain chips and salsa or just on its own, Frita's sangria is served in a dangerously small cup leaving you wanting another round and another. Pro tip: While you're there chugging sangria, might as well have a Batido while you're at it.


5. Bill's Beer Garden

The final spot on the list is the spot opened for the shortest duration of the year, so you should get your hands on some of Bill's sangria when you can. Many would gravitate toward the few beers on rotation, but you won't be disappointed if you took a chance on their sangria option. Served in a small mason jar and paper straw, nothing beats this drink on a cool night. Pro tip: once Bill's closes for the night, head over to Bab's Underground Bar for round two.