Nancy Nguyen

5 Aesthetic Places in Detroit ft. @MarinaPiaGoldi

Nancy Nguyen
5 Aesthetic Places in Detroit ft. @MarinaPiaGoldi

I get asked all the time by bloggers or visitors, "Where are great places to shoot in Detroit?" So with the help of my good friend and native blogger/photographer, Marina of @MarinaPiaGoldi, I present to you our list of top 5 most aesthetic spots to shoot in one of the greatest cities. 


1. Belle Isle

Detroit's large park resides right on the river front. Not only can you see the city skyline from the other side, you have a zoo, a yacht club, a beach, a conservatory, a fountain, and much more. A one stop destination for all your scenic IG photos, Belle Isle has a multiplicity of great backgrounds.


2. Eastern Market

Most travel to the city on their weekend off which aligns perfectly with the farmer's market. Eastern Market comes complete with 6 sheds for shopping and a cluster of surrounding buildings with more shops and restaurants. However - another thing Eastern Market is notorious for are the murals. A collection of local to internationally commissioned mural artists, you'll have stunning Ouizie pieces to Felipe Pantone and everything in between. And if you're following me on Twitter, you'd know Usher and I have the same exact photo in front of the Pantone off Winder. 


3. The Detroit Institute of Art

Even if you don't buy admission into the beautiful art museum (which you certainly should...), you are sure to snap pictures around the giant building made completely of white marble. Before white marble was even a trending aesthetic piece to photograph, the DIA was sporting the stone in the form of grand stairwells on both sides of the building, arched pathways, and door frames to giant bronze doors. A magnificent building housing some of Detroit's most coveted work also provides a beautiful backdrop for your next #OOTD. 


4. ZLot

Detroit is a urban art destination for sure. With the Quicken Loans headquarters donning a custom Shepard Fairey and How & Nosm, the company is also helping support artists by commissioning them to decorate the city with beautiful work. Z Lot or Dan Gilbert's Z Parking Garage, is a structure with a commissioned piece on each floor. You might recognize a few of the famous artist's on your way driving up. I would say though, that the most scenic part of the Z lot is the roof. Smack-dab in the center of the city, the Z Lot opens up to a gorgeous view of the whole city. You'll be able to see the two pieces on the Compuware Building and even Tiger's Comerica Park from the top. 


5. The Belt

Located right next to the Z Lot, The Belt is the alley way with another collection of commissioned murals. You'll find a Hush Artist and Tristian Eaton in the alley, as well as bars like The Skip and Standby. A string of lights lace the top of the alley making The Belt a perfect spot for picture taking. 


Thanks for reading through our quick list of most aesthetic spots for photos. Be sure to check out Marina's work and follow her page for more tips on whats going on in the city and what to do.

Let me know who else you would like me collaborate with or what topic you would like me to cover next! 

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