Nancy Nguyen

Transitioning Summer Basics to Fall

Nancy Nguyen
Transitioning Summer Basics to Fall

Fall in the Midwest is probably the best time of year...

... for those "sweat to much on the regular" like The Weeknd (myself included) and the winter is just too cold. It is that perfect in between when you can play with layers and appreciate being outside without needing to dab sweat off your forehead every five minutes. However, sometimes it can be tricky transitioning your favorite summer basics into the milder temps without looking like you're in delusion that the days are getting shorter and you can no longer lay out by the pool. 

So with the help of Tobi, here are a few ways you can dress for the season with last seasons basics:


light jackets

Too warm for summer. Too light for winter. You can now bring out your lighter jackets from storage. Those jean jackets, bombers, camo-jackets, duster coats, etc. Start layering them on top of your crop tops that are a little too revealing to be wearing outside of summer afternoons. 

Pictured: Good All Around Ribbed Crop Top (link); Denim Jacket (link); Trousers With Side Stripe (link); Slingback Leather High Heel (link)

Fall colors

Deep tans, oxblood, mustard yellow, basically look at a tree transitioning from green to earth toned colors for inspo. When you have a tricky piece like a mesh anything, try pairing the item with heavier fabrics in those Fall colors and you should be able to pull off that body suit you can't seem to retire just yet.

Pictured: Hide Away Mesh Bodysuit (link); Kimchi Blue Simone Paperbag Pant (link)


No Fall ensemble is complete without your favorite pair of boots...and they are your one way ticket to transitioning your slinkier summer dress into the chillier days ahead. Swap your wedges for some thigh-highs and you're all set!

Pictured: Revelry Halter Shift Dress (link); Highlands (link); Lobster Claw Ring (link)


Tube tops don't have to go away once Daylights Saving happens. Use your tube top as a layer underneath or even on top (if you're daring) of your button ups. 

Pictured: Sydney Strapless Crop Top (link)

... and there you have it! A few simple ways to continue wearing your favorite summer staples into the Fall season. You don't have to say goodbye to these pieces until next summer. With a little creativity you can finesse your pieces farther into the year. If you try any of these tricks out, be sure to tag me in your photos!