Nancy Nguyen

5 Ways to Wear Overalls

Nancy Nguyen
5 Ways to Wear Overalls

They're back.

The easy-to-wear onesie that your mom thought was adorable on kindergarten you is inevitably back. Though you still might have lingering PTSD from being forced to wear overalls, you'll soon have to embrace the fact that they're back and here to stay. Once you get over the fact and they start looking like a reasonable piece to re-incorporate into your closet... here is a list of 5 ways you can dress your overalls to suit your age. 


Overalls (Pacsun); Mesh body suit (Pitaya); Sunnies (Floral Punk)


Overalls (Pacsun); Button-up (Jcrew); Shoes (Zara)



Overalls (Pacsun); One shoulder top (Jcrew); Mules (Floral Punk)



Overalls (Pacsun); Turtleneck (Kit and Ace); Heels (Steve Madden)


Overalls (Pacsun); Top (Jcrew); Shoes (Zara)